Vision, mission, objectives

I. Vision

Our vision is to develop a new kind of committed tourism, called Twaming. Twaming will allow millions of travelers to share their knowledge, experiences or beliefs with different kinds of people of all ages who have limited access to education. We wish to play a major role in facilitating access to people from all levels of education, raising the global community consciousness and creating a global intercultural/interfaith/interethnic dialogue.

II. Mission

Travelling is fun. It is a way to learn other cultures and discover the diversity of the world.

It is even better to travel with a mission. Not only it is an opportunity for self-enrichment, but also a way for travelers to educate others and to share whatever can be shared.

Travel With A Mission encourages travelers to make the world a better place.

The following are TWAM’s main missions:

  1. Connect in an online area those who are traveling and are willing to share their knowledge/skills/experiences (called Twamers) and those who would like to offer a public (from schools, universities, hospitals, etc. – called Twamhosts) so that they can meet each other,
  2. Provide Twamers/Twamhosts and journalists with an online area (to be developed later) in order to allow them to meet each other and create media promotion around key activities with positive impact in the communities,
  3. Organize events or speed dating sessions to enable Twamers and Twamhosts to meet each other, and to promote Twaming,
  4. Provide the members with support (tools and services) to help them to fulfill their missions.

III. Objectives

To achieve the above missions, TWAM seeks to:

  • Promote Twaming among current travelers in order to encourage them to share their knowledge/skills/experiences with the visited communities and get involved in their local life,
  • Raise awareness of the TWAM network among representatives, and staff in schools, universities, associations, community centers, hospitals, etc. and incite them to become Twamhosts and welcome Twamers,
  • Inform the media about Twaming virtues and values, and build a strong support network to spread the benefits of Twaming.