Travel With A Mission encourages its members to take inspiration from the following principles, which represent its core values:

Mutual Assistance, Solidarity and Friendship

Travel With A Mission relies on goodwill to make this website and lifestyle a success.

Twamers’ community should be guided by a spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance, a will to build bridges of friendship around the globe, and in any case, with no aim to impose any beliefs.

Openness and Respect

Travel With A Mission aims to facilitate access to the sense of belonging to a global community.

TWAM’s goal is to promote openness and respect for diversity. This diversity is represented among:

  • The Twamers, who come from different social or cultural origins,
  • The Twamhosts, who may be teachers, directors or members of any institution,
  • The hosting venues, which can be schools, universities, community centers or any organization,
  • The variety of topic proposed by Twamers,
  • The Twamers, who come from different social or cultural origins,
  • The beneficiaries, from all social and cultural backgrounds of all ages.

Each Twamer has the right to freedom of speech in compliance with the rules and regulations established by the countries and host institutions.

Offensive remarks, racist or hateful comments, in any way, shape or form will not be accepted by Travel With A Mission moderating team. Twamers can address sensitive topics such as politics, religion or sexuality. However, it is highly recommended to disclose and reveal the precise content and messages of your presentation at the earliest stage to avoid your presentaion being banned by the moderators.

Audacity and Collective Momentum

Travel With A Mission wishes to foster a world of meaningful exchanges and respect by encouraging travelers to take part in committed journeys and supporting the Twamhosts to help their members/students learning from and sharing with Twamers.

Therefore, TWAM requires each user to convey a positive image, show professionalism and ethical values during their TWAM Experiences.

Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Beyond the positive interaction between people from different cultural and social backgrounds, Travel With A Mission aims to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge.

To make this sharing spirit possible and keep it alive, Travel With A Mission requests its members to seek the common good over personal benefit.