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Background and explanation of TWAM

How TWAM was born?

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Why is TWAM development important?

The idea of creating the “Travel With A Mission” website is based on the following 3 realities:

  1. An offer: the Twamers

    According to the World Tourism Organization, over a billion people travelled around the world in 2012, and more than 1.6 billion are expected by 2020.

    The majority of them chose a tour package solution, which does not allow for much contact with local populations. However, over the past fifteen years, the number of independent travelers has been increasing – whether for business trips, short stays, or long-term stays.

    Among them, an increasing number of people want to take their time and energy to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with the local communities in order to leave a positive impact and build a better world. Travel With A Mission mainly targets this audience. Twamers can also go twaming around the corner though.

  2. A request: the Twamhosts

    University professors, school teachers, children's hospital staff, and other community leaders are increasingly looking for people who are capable of sharing knowledge, skills or experiences. In a globalized world, the demand for welcoming such people especially from foreign countries is significant.

    According to a study undertaken by Travel With A Mission, 90% of people able to welcome external speakers would be interested in having access to a database of people likely to contribute in some way at their institution.

  3. A Need

    Travel With A Mission aims to promote:

    • Education for all,
    • Intercultural dialogue and understanding,
    • Cultural diversity,
    • Raising awareness of global challenges

Vision - Objectives

TWAM has two main objectives:

  1. Bring 2 worlds together: Twamers and Twamhosts

    The main objective of TWAM is to connect people who want to share their knowledge, skills, and experience (referred to as, “Twamers”) with people, usually from one or several institutions (schools, universities, community centers, hospitals, etc.), who have an audience for the Twamer (referred to as “Twamhosts”). Travel With A Mission's desire is to help an individual who wants to talk about global warming or alternative energy sources, for example, in schools around the corner or all over the world, to get in touch with teachers who could welcome him/her into their classrooms. Another example could be a guitarist who would like to play music in hospitals all over the world or his region to bring smiles on the faces of sick children.

    Please click here to obtain more information or here to download TWAM brochure.

  2. Promote Twaming

    Travel With A Mission's goal is also to promote “Twaming” as a new booming type of committed travel and allow people to go to institutions in order to share their knowledge, skills or experiences.

    Travel With A Mission promotes education for all, intercultural dialogue and simply a better world with more positive interactions between people of different cultures.



Twaming is a booming type of committed travel consisting of going from one hosting venue to another in order to share knowledge, experiences or skills.

As an example, someone visiting Madagascar for 2 weeks could take time to visit 2 – 3 schools in order to talk about his country or passion.

Twaming is, for example, making yourself useful on your travels by bringing a guitar, so that you can spend time in local hospitals bringing smiles to sick children.


A Twamer is someone who wants to travel and leave a lasting positive impact on the local host communities through sharing knowledge, skills or experiences by contributing in schools, universities, associations, hospitals, etc. It can be local or international travel. A Twamer can be a globetrotter, a professor, a specialist in any particular domain, a business traveler, or anyone. A Twamer can also become a Twamhost in his local community.

For example, a Twamer can be someone willing to talk about the effects of global warming or alternative energies in schools or universities around the world. He can also be a guitarist who would like to play music in hospitals all over the world to bring smiles on the faces of sick children, or someone willing to teach first aid in community centers worldwide.

In summary, he is a conscious traveler. His goal is not to impose his knowledge, interpersonal skills or know-how, but to show it as an example of what exists or can be done. His meeting with the Twamhost and the attendees must be a moment for dialogue, a true multilateral exchange, beneficial for all.


A Twamhost is a representative of one or several institutions (school, university, French alliance, Rotary club, community center, hospital, etc.) who wishes to offer a venue and an audience to a Twamer and allow beneficiaries to enjoy a TWAM experience.

For example, a Twamhost can be an English teacher who would like his students to meet with a long- distance traveler willing to talk about a topic. He can also be a hospital's education director who intends to welcome musicians to entertain sick children. He could even be a Rotarian or someone from any association or club in charge of organizing conferences and meetings.

Twamhosts may represent public institutions,– such as hospitals, prisons, youth centers, private institutions, conference centers, companies, professional associations, and not-for-profit organizations, without discrimination of any kind relative to age, social origin, religious, or economic status.

A Twamhost can also become a Twamer in his turn while travelling.

In summary, a Twamhost is someone with good intentions willing to give beneficiaries access to different knowledge, experiences and skills. His goal is primarily to open up a dialogue, a multilateral exchange, beneficial for all.

TWAM experience

A TWAM experience is the meeting between a Twamer and a Twamhost. It is an opportunity to share experience, knowledge, skills between Twamers and beneficiaries.

There is no time limit for TWAM experience. It can last a few minutes, hours, days or months. Usually, TWAM experiences are short. However, a Twamer can stay with a Twamhost as long as they want, outside the TWAM framework.

Twamers and Twamhosts can share their knowledge in many ways: scientific, philosophical, linguistic, cultural, historical, sports, literary, musical, or commercial. They can also exchange ideas on know-how, technical and practical knowledge, or professional skills. Finally, they can talk about their life and travel experiences.


According to TWAM, the beneficiary, or attendee, is the one who benefit from the TWAM experience.


The TWAM team is the team working for Travel With A Mission. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Website use

How can I become a user?

To become a TWAM user, you just need to create your profile on our website. It is a simple process. Please click here to start.

How much does it cost to become a Twamer or Twamhost?

There is no fee associated with a TWAM subscription. You can have contact with all members of the community as soon as you create your profile.

A contribution may be required in the future in case complementary modules are made available for Twamers/Twamhosts. Please be reassured, the basic use of our website will remain free.

Is it possible to be both a Twamer and a Twamhost?

Yes, a user can offer Twamer and Twamhost activities at the same time. Nothing prevents you from sharing one day somewhere and hosting the next day.

I experienced a technical problem while creating my profile or getting in touch with a Twamer/Twamhost

You need to contact us and detail your technical problem. It will help us to answer to your request and correct the situation quickly.

What about my personal information? Are they stored by TWAM? Are they used by other websites?

Please click here to read the General Conditions of Use.

I noticed inappropriate words/pictures on the website. Can you please remove them?

If you see inappropriate content on our website, please click on the following link « Report any abuse ». If it is contrary to the TWAM values and good moral standards, we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Join the TWAM team

How to join the TWAM team?

There are several ways:

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Support TWAM

How to support TWAM?

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