The website is tightly linked to the extraordinary and unusual life of Ludovic Hubler (

At the age of 24, after graduating with a Master degree, Ludovic decided to travel the world before January 2003, he embarked on a “Tour of Mankind”, or as he likes to call it his “Life Ph.D”. His adventure took him five years. He traveled exclusively by hitchhiking in all and any possible ways.

Ludovic has tested his hitchhiking skills in the most incredible situations : from “sailboat hitchhiking” to cross the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to “icebreaker hitchhiking” to reach Antarctica, including crossing the Sahara and countries such as Colombia and Afghanistan. This adventure became the topic of Ludovic's book “Le Monde en Stop: 5 années à l'école de la vie” winner of the “Pierre Loti Book Prize 2010” for the Best Travel Book of the Year in France; more details at:,

Traveling was his dream; sharing his engine. During his journey, Ludovic shared his learnings through the media, his website, through a mentoring project with kids with cancer from his hometown (Strasbourg, France), and through over 350 lectures given in many organizations: associations, schools, universities, French Alliances, hospitals, etc.

The real challenge for Ludovic was to organize these activities. Which school to contact? Who are the teachers who might be interested? What and how should he prepare for the meeting to make it a success?

Ludovic gathered some information from a few helpful websites, used his personal network and knocked at the doors of a few institutions but he rapidly found out that as a traveler, it was a difficult mission to reach schools, universities, and any other worldwide institutions ready to host his activity/lecture opportunities.

He also soon recognized that today two worlds co-exist without knowing about each other:

In one world, the community of “Twamhosts”: teachers, youth center directors, members of associations, and others open to welcoming external speakers. Many of them, especially from countries of “different civilizations” (Indonesia, China, India, etc.) told him that they were interested to welcome more travelers like Ludovic willing to share their knowledge, skills or experiences with the people they work with, whether students or colleagues.

In the other world, the community of “Twamers”: a new generation of travelers (whether local or international) educated, humanist and conscious of their role in helping to improve the world in one way or another. During and after his journey, many young women and men contacted Ludovic asking about contacts in institutions who were willing to host speakers and allowing them to share knowledge, skills or experiences.

Building bridges between these two worlds, which are only asking to meet each other - this is the new dream of Ludovic Hubler, and the main objective of