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Why joigning TWAM ?

By joining TWAM, you will be connected to institutions (schools, universities, associations, hospitals, etc.) throughout the world that are ready to host you if you have any knowledge, skill or experience to offer (making you a “Twamer”).

You may also join TWAM as a « Twamhost », and can use this network to connect with and invite individuals from around the world who can offer their knowledge and experience to your organisation.

Registration is easy, it only takes 3 steps:

  1. Create your basic profile
  2. Create your Twamer activities/lectures (you can list multiple skills)
  3. Create your Twamhost activities (you can list multiple hosting places)

Enjoy your Twaming experience !

New TWAM members

Bastien D.

from Kolkata, India

23 years old

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from Marinilla, Colombia

21 years old

Fanny D.

from Fribourg, Switzer...

22 years old

Alysson N.

from Lille, France

24 years old

Julie C.

from Paris, France

26 years old